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See you in 2013!
12.07.2012 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

PANAMA had some fantastic shows in 2012 and we are looking forward to making repeat appearances at some of the venues we performed at. We have been asked back by many of the venues from this past year so..if you want to see us again, check with your local club, outdoor festival or theatre to see if they are bringing us back. We're in the process of filling dates for 2013 and will be posting them soon. EXCITING NEWS for our fans in Northwest Ohio and Michigan! PANAMA is working in conjunction with Live Nation to bring the early Van Halen concert experience to Detroit and Grand Rapids. Look for a show in February in these areas. WE WISH ALL OUR FANS,FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON AND A NEW YEAR OF LOVE, PEACE, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS!

02.13.2012 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

WHAT A WEEKEND! Definite highs and lows as we rocked out at Stadium Grill and then our annual party Van Halentines Day at Corktown Tavern with Steven David Tuthill and Beggars from Detroit. The lows were the frigid temps and horrible road conditions as we drove home from our gig at Stadium. The gig itself was great and Scott and his wife are wonderful hosts. Stadium has fantastic food!! Next morning we woke up to a S load of snow and more coming down. Things didn't improve as we went to get on the Ohio turnpike to head to Detroit only to discover the turnpike was shut down due to road conditions..AAARGH! Had to take 271-480 and white knuckle the whole way as cars spun out in front of us. Got to Detroit an hour late (thankfully not later), tried to check in to a prepaid suite only to find out the hotel only had ONE King size bed left. Wouldn't guarantee what was supposed to be a guaranteed room because we went through an online booking agency. WELL..things could've been too cozy with five people in one bed (one woman) so..after said woman spent an hour and a half arguing to get our prepaid $$ back (finally succeeding!) ..we did a show to a packed house at Corktown! TO ALL WHO ROCKED WITH US THIS WEEKEND..THANK YOU! We love ya and we love rockin with ya!

Akron Civic Theatre
02.05.2012 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

PANAMA had a great night on Saturday Feb 4th at the beautiful Akron Civic Theatre! We would like to thank everyone involved with production- Richard, Matt, Lisa, Eric,Augie, all the sound crew and stage hands. Your professionalism makes our jobs so much easier! We were honored to share the stage with Sky Dragster and the best Led Zeppelin Tribute in the world- ZOSO. We loved the crowd and had a blast performing for you. Finally, we would like to thank Howard Parr for booking us at the Akron Civic. It was a pleasure to meet you! Many thanks to all for rocking out with us!

PANAMA had a Great weekend!
06.21.2011 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

PANAMA would like to thank WRIF & Motor City Harley Davidson for asking them to perform at this years Harley Fest benefiting MDA. Special Thanks to Ken and Melissa for coordinating with us. Also want to thank our good friend Tony Maisano for printing out and delivering our T-shirts and Steven from The Beggarz..We love you guys! There was a great crowd and we really appreciate the hospitality of everyone involved. The food and brew was much appreciated along with the air conditioned RV. It helps the band (especially Diamond Dave!) when they have to get into costume on these hot, humid summer days. We sincerely hope this years event raised a lot of money for the MDA. Special shout out to our brothers in Stranglehold. You guys kick ass every time! Wish we could've stayed till the end but the road and our PA gig beckoned...

On Sunday, we performed at Conneaut Lake Park Bikes, Blues, and Brews Festival again..great people from the hotel staff to the fans in the stands! We even got to stay in a "Haunted Hotel". Ask JD about the ghost who likes to suck off green nail polish while you're sleeping ! This is a personal joke between the band and Bill the night clerk at the hotel.. LOL! The hospitality at Conneaut Hotel was phenomenal and we can honestly say..one of the best dinners we've ever had at a venue. Didn't get to meet the Chef but WOW..that food was delicious..from the entree to the dessert. Beautiful surroundings too!

Special Thanks to classic rock station WUZZ. Great job!

Many thanks again to all of our new "friends". Hope to see you again next year! Till then..Keep rockin!

PANAMA is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Our New "EDDIE"!
5.15.2011 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

image ...Mr. J.D. Marco who hails from Los Angeles. J.D. is an extremely talented guitarist who plays EVH NOTE FOR NOTE. We are very excited to have J.D. as part of PANAMA and anticipate phenomenal shows from this point on. Whether you're already a fan of PANAMA or have not yet seen them live, you are in for an incredible show the next time they're in your town. The band just completed a photo shoot yesterday and pictures will be added soon. J.D.'s guitar tracks will be added to the demo tracks on the promo page. Look for a new band video later this year.

Looking for "Eddie"
12.01.2010 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

PANAMA'S guitarist has parted ways with the band. We are currently auditioning for our new "Eddie". We have had a great response to the ads we have placed and already have several major contenders. Musicians from across the country have responded but because of PANAMA'S work/rehearsal ethic, we are only considering individuals who are or will be living in the greater Cleveland/Akron area. The most impressive thus far, is a well known guitarist from Los Angeles who will be moving to our area in January. Until we announce our permanent "Eddie" we are blessed to have two extremely competent fill ins for our upcoming shows. Sean Perry from The Four Horsemen (Metallica Tribute) and Jimi Frankito from Almost Famous (A popular Cleveland area cover band) We are extremely grateful to both guys for offering their services. We vow to put on the same show our fans are accustomed to and to prove we're still "the most entertaining Van Halen tribute in the world!

Thanks to Our Fans!
10.26.2010 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

Panama would like to thank all of our fans that came to see our shows in this very busy October. From Bay City Michigan to North Olmsted Ohio, you guys are awesome!! And we appreciate each and every one of you!

Hope to see you soon, Ric, Jon, Larry.

Panama to Record New Demo
05.28.2010 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

Panama will enter the studio on 5.30.10 to produce a new demo. Songs will be posted to the website when they are completed.

Panama launches New Website!
05.25.2010 | PanamaVanHalenTribute.com

We would like to welcome you to our new website! The site is still in the development stage and we welcome suggestions from our fans. Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to seeing you at a live event soon! Ric, Steve, Jon & Larry.

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